Fügner quarter

Trail begins: Moravská 1222
First object: 05-1222 Brethren Church
GPS: 49.8663508N, 16.3158375E, stáhnout GPX nebo KML

The trail through the Fügnerova quarter, whose border is dominated by the building of the Sokol Organization, first concentrates on the private housing which started to expand before the First World War thanks to the efforts of a Cooperative aimed at the construction of workers' housing and which was later followed by more expansive houses and villas. In its second section the trail examines typologically divergent buildings – those intended for business and industry. It emphasizes that even on the town periphery it is necessary to build according to clearly defined urban planning guidelines. This section of the trail proves that good quality designs in architecture can be applied to even seemingly uninteresting building types.


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