Railway Station and „Husovka“

Trail begins: Kpt. Jaroše 1129
First object: 07-1129
GPS: 49.8736803N, 16.3070247E, stáhnout GPX nebo KML

For many years, Litomyšl was a town of small businesses and tradesmen; the remoteness of the town from the main railways was a key factor in preventing it from developing industrially (the local line from Choceň was never extended in the direction of Polička, and thus, Litomyšl has remained the final station on the line). The situation did not improve until the 1920s when road transport started to increase. Production companies started to appear in the vicinity of the railway station, complementing the existing factories and creating a modestly-sized “industrial zone”. It is towards this point that the seventh trail makes its way, before continuing into the “Husovka” quarter, loosely based on the English “Garden Cities” movement. 

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